The activities and opportunities we provide at University of Gloucestershire Students’ Union are predominantly for current students studying at the University of Gloucestershire. However, we recognise that there are individuals that are not current UoG students that may want to become an associate member of UoGSU so they can participate in a selection of our activities. As we are funded in large part by a grant provided the University of Gloucestershire to provide services for current students, those who want to join as an associate member will be required to pay a fee in order to access UoGSU.

This page details what an associate member is, who can become an associate, fees attached to becoming an associate, and the steps an individual needs to take to become an associate member.

What is an associate membership?

An associate membership is there so individuals that are not a current student at UoG can pays to become a member of UoGSU.

As an associate member, you gain access to join UoGSU clubs and societies so long as the committee that lead the club or society are happy to approve your joining.

Becoming an associate membership does not allow you the right to vote in any election by UoGSU or any UoGSU student group, the right to hold an officer or representative role at UoGSU, the right to hold a committee position in a UoGSU student group and you will not be able to participate in any Varsity or BUCs competitions.

Who can become an associate member?

Associate membership is open to the following people:

  • UoG Alumni
  • UoG Members of Staff 
  • Current students from University institutions within the United Kingdom, providing that institution is not the University of Gloucestershire.

How much is it to become an associate?

Associate memberships are available for a fee of £25. Please note, the £25 fee is a separate and additional fee to student group membership fee charges. 

How long does an associate membership last?

 An associate membership to the Students' Union is only valid for one academic year and expires on the 31st July each year, regardless of when the membership was acquired. This is to keep membership length in line with that of standard UoG student membership.

This means that associate members must also renew their membership to the SU and to clubs and societies yearly.

How to become an associate member?

To apply for an associate membership, an individual must complete the associate membership application form available online here:  

Only forms completed by UoG Alumni, UoG Members of Staff, and current students from University institutions within the United Kingdom, providing that institution is not the University of Gloucestershire, will be accepted. Incomplete application forms will not be accepted.

Applications for an Associate Membership will be considered on a case by case basis following the submission of the associate membership application form.

A member of staff from UoG Students’ Union will be in contact with prospective associate members following their application with the outcome of their application and further instructions.

Expectations of associate members

Applicants for associate membership should note that they will be expected to abide by all UoGSU and University of Gloucestershire behavioural codes of conduct whilst a member of any UoGSU group. Should Associate Members not abide by codes of conduct associate membership entitlements may be revoked without fees being returned.