The UoG SU Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees at UoG SU currently has 13 members.  These include four Officer Trustees, five External Trustees and four Student Trustees.  Trustees are essential to the effectiveness of the Students’ Union and have the ultimate legal responsibility for keeping the organisation focussed on its purpose and directing the strategy.  They also have financial oversight, are responsible for resources and are expected to ensure that the organisation stays within the law.

UoG SU Personal Profiles

Jeremy Davies - Chair of Board and External Trustee

30 years’ experience as a Director, Non- Executive and Trustee across a range of organisations including operating between Academia and Industry, focussing on the critical aspect of “practical application” of science and technology in a commercial environment; always recognising the importance, support and delivery of the development of all talent.  

Eleanor Hill - Vice Chair of Board and Education and Community Officer

Eleanor is a BA Education student, passionate about improving and diversifying student experience to promote real inclusion and equitable opportunities.  Eleanor is currently on sabbatical as the SU Education and Community Officer, representing student voice on education and research matters.

Paige Archer - Activities and Opportunities Officer

Paige represents over 9000 students at the university through the Student's Union, on all matters relating to Societies, Sports Clubs and SU Events.  She is working to strengthen the relationships between sports clubs and societies, looking into the financial impact of being a part of a sport/society on students and striving to increase the awareness of all the SU has to offer to the wider university.

Beth Timmons - Welfare and Diversity Officer

Beth is studying Performing Arts at the University of Gloucesterhsire, completing her dissertation alongside her full time role as Welfare and Diversity Officer.  Over the past three years, Beth has immersed herself in fundraisers, sporting events and performances.  Beth is looking forward to her new role and is excited to express the student voice as a whole.

Nikki Greenway - External Trustee

Nikki has served on the Board since 2018 and by day is an IT Leader in the public/charity sectors.  As a student in the late 80s and early 90s, she served on the Keele SU executive as well as on the NUS National Lesbian and Gay and Executive Committees.

Connie Price - External Trustee

Connie’s career has taken her across the world to work with students, artists, professionals, and community leaders. Her experience included working in Nigeria, South Africa, and the UK on a programme for young people in 44 countries. She has escaped riots and found friends in unlikely places. Connie originally trained as an archaeologist, then as a librarian and finally a leader and programme manager. Proof that education is a journey and not just a destination!

Laura Batty - External Trustee

Laura is a strategic communications specialist with experience across the HE sector, first as an elected Officer at the LSE Students’ Union, at the National Union of Students as their Press Officer, and later, at the Universities and Colleges Employers’ Association and as a member of the Strategic Leadership Team at Universities UK. 

Angela McNaught - External Trustee

Angela is a certified accountant (FCCA) with more than 30 years’ experience working in a variety of financial roles. She holds a BSc in Geography and Geology awarded by the University of Gloucestershire (College of St Paul & St Mary 1986). She has held a number of charity Audit Committee Chair & Trustee appointments.

Jessica Bleazard - Student Trustee

Jessica is a mature student in her second year of Policing at the University of Gloucestershire. With an enthusiastic attitude and strong determination, she hopes to develop and hone in on her skills that she can bring across from her Policing degree.

In Attendance

Josh Clare - Staff

Emma Boobyer - Staff

Karen Hill - Staff

Board Meeting Minutes

23 August 2022

1 November 2022

Board Sub Committees

People and Resources Committee

The purpose of the People and Resources Committee is to assist and support the accountable Officer (the Chief Executive) and the Board of Trustees.  It is responsible for advising on effective planning and management relating to people (HR) and financial resources.  The Committee works closely with both the Board of Trustees and the Audit and Risk Committee.  The Board of Trustees delegates to the People and Resources Committee the responsibility for ensuring that there is a framework for internal controls and accountability relating to people and financial resources; and for ensuring that the organisation is complying with all aspects of the law, relevant regulations and good practice. 


Committee Members

Consoluta Price – Chair and External Trustee

Beth Timmons – Vice Chair and Officer Trustee

Laura Batty – External Trustee

Gary Foxley – Student Trustee

Jess Bleazard – Student Trustee

Eleanor Hill – Officer Trustee


In Attendance

Emma Boobyer – Staff

Becky Fieldhouse - Staff

Karen Hill – Staff

Audit and Risk Committee

The purpose of the Audit Committee is to assist and support the Accountable Officer (the Chief Executive) and the Board of Trustees.  It is responsible for reviewing and monitoring the governance, risk management and financial management environments and ensuring the probity of the Students’ Union.  The Board of Trustees delegates to the Audit and Risk Committee the responsibility for ensuring that there is a framework for internal controls and accountability; and for ensuring that the organisation is complying with all aspects of the law, relevant regulations and good practice. The Audit and Risk Committee is an advisory body with no executive powers and any actions it recommends are subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees. 

Committee Members

Angela McNaught – Chair and External Trustee

Paige Archer - Vice Chair and Officer Trustee

Nikki Greenway - External Trustee

Eleanor Hill - Officer Trustee

Gary Foxley - Student Trustee


In Attendance

Josh Clare - Staff

Emma Boobyer – Staff

Karen Hill – Staff

In addition to the Board Sub-Committees, a fortnightly Management Committee is held as detailed below:

Management Committee

The Management Committee of University of Gloucestershire Students’ Union consists of the Officers as voting members and the Chief Executive Officer as a non-voting member.  In attendance are the SU Senior Managers and the Governance and Administration Co-Ordinator.  The role of the Management Committee includes hearing proposals for new staffing, outside of the agreed budget, which is then reported to the Trustee Board.  The Committee also receives and provides scrutiny on financial updates and operating plan updates, including in relation to KPIs.  In addition, the Committee defines priority campaigns and the support needed from staff teams as well as providing oversight for largescale events.  It ensures that UoGSU is adequately meeting its commitments to environmental sustainability and updates all its members on external relationships with University partners.  The Committee also receives updates on significant price changes in Commercial areas and reviews Student Executive Committee Decisions and the implications of these on the wider organisation.


Committee Members

Paige Archer - Activities and Opportunities Officer

Eleanor Hill - Education and Community Officer

Beth Timmons - Welfare and Diversity Officer

Josh Clare - Chief Executive Officer

In Attendance

Emma Boobyer – Staff

Becky Fieldhouse - Staff

Karen Hill – Staff


Meeting Minutes

27 September 2022

10 October 2022

25 October 2022

16 November 2022