Activity Access Fund


UoGSU recognises that the joining fees and other costs of student groups can be prohibitively expensive for some students. The Activity Access Fund was created to support those students who wouldn't otherwise be able to participate in their chosen activity due to the cost.

Students can apply for up to £100 per academic year and only one grant will be awarded to a student in an academic year. UoGSU has a limited amount of money to give out each year so please note that even if an application is successful, it may not be possible to award the full amount requested.

If successful the funding made available to any student will be discounted from membership cost or equipment costs borne by the student – no cash payment will be made to any student who is successful in securing an Activity Access Fund award.


Applications must:

  • Be from University of Gloucestershire students, submitted by the individual student, not on their behalf
  • Apply for funding to enable their participation in a UoGSU student group e.g. membership fees or the purchase of equipment or kit specifically required for the activity or trips as part of a student group
  • Explain their financial hardship and being unable to participate without the assistance of the Activity Access Fund

We strongly advise that you do not apply for funding for something you will have to pay for before the grants are allocated, as we cannot guarantee that your application will be successful.

Dates 2022-23

Round 1

Applications open: Monday 31st October 1pm

Applications close: Friday 11th November 5pm

Round 2

Applications open: Monday 23rd January 1pm

Applications close: Friday 3rd February 5pm

Round 3

Applications open: Monday 27th February 1pm

Applications close: Friday 10th March 5pm

All applicants will receive a decision by email, giving the reason why the application was approved or rejected 1 week after the deadline (at the latest).

The decision-making panel comprises of the Student Activities Manager, the Activities and Opportunities Officer and the Education and Community Officer.

Apply for the Activity Access Fund 

Please note that due to limited funding available to the panel, the application process is competitive as the panel is unable to fund every application. Decisions may be made to part-fund some applications and a clear rational for this will be given with any outcome. 

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact

Applications should be completed using the online application form.  

Please give as much detail as possible in your application, including a clear breakdown of costs, a full explanation of why you think the fund should support you and details of any other ways in which you are trying to fund the activity.