If you are willing to wear tight singlets, listen to German music, and drink copious amounts of protein and pre-workout; then this is the place for you...
Whether you do powerlifting (raw/equipped), olympic weightlifting, strongman, or just want to pull six red plates; as long as you are looking for an environment to grow, you are more than welcome to join the Strength Club. You don’t need any experience to start. During our two weekly training sessions, our coaches will support you with technical advice, a program to follow, and you will get the opportunity to improve your lifts under expert supervision.

We want to create an encouraging atmosphere during our training sessions. Bring some snacks, put on your favourite music, chalk up, and shift some steel! No more poor spots/lift offs from some random dude in the gym, no more shitty equipment, and no one to tell you you’re not allowed to use chalk when you deadlift.

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