From seasoned veterans of the GB fencing circuit to anyone who likes watching Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars, or the Princess Bride everyone is welcome! 

We can help you learn and develop whatever your level.

As we grow as a club and members become more experienced, our aim is to encourage interested members to undertake an L1 coach qualification.


Committee Members: 

Captain: Rowan Fairclough 

Vice-Captain: Georgia Fayers 

Treasurer: Chris Seaman


Costs are as follows  - £25 for the yearly membership 

Please note the SU page will not allow you to buy a fencing membership without first paying the Gloscard Sports membership towards the SU - we apologize for this but have no control over it - the recreational membership is all that is needed for Fencing

Please Check out our Facebook and Instagram page for details, both named UOG Fencing. 

Any questions, feel free to DM our instagram account or Email us at, please do not privately message commitee members personal accounts or emails

Here is a sign up form to provide us with details so we can contact you about training updates:


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