Committee Elections: Societies & Sports Clubs 

Committee elections are your opportunity to stand and be a leader, be the voice of students in sports and societies, show the university how we want UoG Activities to run and what we want the future to be.

What roles are available and what are the responsibilities of these roles

Committee Roles and Responsibilities 

Nominate Yourself

Nominate Yourself 


Vote Here 


Why do we hold Committee Elections?

Committee Elections are part of the SU’s democratic process. Every society and sports club is required to partake in the elections in order for their society/sports club to continue to run into the next academic year.

The official election period will commence towards the end of the academic year often occurring from April to May time. All Committee Elections are held online via the SU website, and it is a chance for all active Clubs and Societies members to elect students to be a part of their new Committee.

Your Society or Sports Club must also hold an annual AGM (Annual General Meeting) and discuss how your year has gone and how things can improve for the next academic year. AGMs should be held between Sunday 21st April – Sunday 5th May 2024 (2 Weeks).  


Why are we using online elections?

We understand that every student group is unique with different needs, and some will therefore see more benefits than others will, however, all student groups will benefit from the following by using our online election system:

  • Increased voting turnout (when a member logs on to vote they will see all elections they are eligible to vote in)
  • Better transparency during the counting process – we count them for you and email you the results
  • Less admin for committees – you don’t need to handle Google/Microsoft forms etc. to collect nominations and votes.


What happens after the election period?

Results: The SU Activities Team will inform the current committee of their results after voting has closed, and these then must be shared with all your members. 


Committee Details: After the full committee is elected, you will need to complete a form with the new committee’s details. This will then be added onto the contact details spreadsheet so they receive information regarding societies/clubs ready for the following year and will be assigned admin access to the society’s/club’s page website. 


Organise Handover: The outgoing committee will need to hold a meeting with the new committee in order to complete the Handover Pack together, and pass on relevant information such as key contacts, social media passwords and any general information and tips e.g. booking rooms, or for marketing at Welcome Fayre. The SU will facilitate handover sessions for all Clubs & Societies during the period 15th May – Thursday 30th May 2024. 


Key contacts

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