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Elections 2023 Update

Results are yet to be announced

The UOGSU Position on Strike Action

FAQs answered about the ongoing strike action

Where Do My Fees Go?

A UCU Talk: Marketisation and Education

Looking for new uni mates?

We've got you covered with the our new app, Umii!

Free toast in your SU spaces

Find out more about when and where

Glam Mondays

Every Monday at MooMoos and Popworld!


Every Wednesday at MooMoos and Popworld!

We won a Fairtrade Award!

The University of Gloucestershire has been going through the process of being audited by the Fairtrade Foundation in order to achieve recognition for embedding ethical and sustainable practices through their curriculum, procurement, research and campaigns.

General Meeting - Monday 20th June

We are excited to be able to update you during this AGM on some of previous motions surrounding Sexual Harrassment Training and Policies which were voted on last year.