Welcome to the University of Gloucestershire Dodgeball Page.

Most engaged society in SU activities 2021 WINNER!

Following an extremely successful first year we are moving forward with our plans for the upcoming year to take Dodgeball to the next level. This started with moving over from a society to sports club, this will allow us to play more fixtures and in future years, play in BUCs and Varsity. Our aim for the upcoming year is to establish our membership numbers and become one of the biggest growing sports clubs at the university. 

We welcome all abilities and have a welcoming and easygoing atmosphere which is easy to be a part of. This year we have already competed in our first game and will be looking at playing in many more across the year as well as hosting an invitational tournament vs other universities. 

An easy and enjoyable way to stay fit and healthy whilst launching balls around at your friends all afternoon. Message our social media platforms to come along for a session.