Raising and Giving to the causes who need it most
whilst putting the fun in FUNdraising!  

Welcome to UoG RAG; the official fundraising body of UoG SU!

As RAG - standing for Raising and Giving - we exist to support student fundraising projects as well as running our own over all our campuses. This year we are mixing it up - with a brand new logo and official fundraising stamp - meaning anyone can get involved and put their volunteering hours or fundraising totals into our system to count to our yearly Student Body Total (to come shortly)

So if you’re a society raising money for Cancer Research, or a student doing Movember, it all comes under RAG! At the end of the year we will show how our students are making a huge difference to a bunch of different charities.

So if you have a fundraising idea or want to get invovled in charitable fundraising during your time at University, UoG RAG can advise, help plan and support your event. But it isn't all about fundraising! We can also help connect students to volunteering opportunities within the SU and throughout the local community.

So if you'd like to get involved in charity fundraising or volunteering, email rag@glos.ac.uk for more information.





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