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Tone Radio is the official radio station of the University of Gloucestershire. Since 2006, Tone Radio has been broadcasting all day, every day from the University of Gloucestershire Campuses.

We host our own events throughout the year and get exclusive VIP and Press access to festivals across Gloucestershire - all while running our three-time Student Radio Award nominated station.

We underwent a £7k renovation a couple of years ago - funded by students, the university, listeners and the Students' Union - so there's really been no better time to join!

Get involved

Tone Radio is the University of Gloucestershire's Official Student Radio Station. We broadcast all day, every day from Park Campus in Cheltenham. We're open to students from across the University of Gloucestershire, regardless of skill or previous experience.
If presenting doesn't sound like your cup of tea, remember that radio is far more than just who's on the microphone. Whether you want to try presenting, producing, news-reading or written journalism or sports commentary, we can find a place for you here. You could provide technical help to newbies, manage our website or social media, help design graphics and show logos, edit visual content (yes, radio can have pictures!), help organise and market our events (including Glos-Tone-Beret, our annual tongue-in-cheek French-themed fundraiser) or much more. 

Get social

For the latest that is happening at Tone Radio, follow us on Facebook and Twitter. You never know, something might just take your fancy.