Our SU Volunteering Projects provide the chance to become part of a well-supported student team & gain experience working with children or people with additional requirements. There is also the Annual Christmas Tea Dance and the SU Crew Volunteer team that you can join.

We work flexibly, with your timetables, enabling the perfect balance between your studies and volunteering.

Why Volunteer?

-Get that feel good factor.

-Meet new friends.

-Enjoy becoming part of, and giving something back, to the community.

-Try out working in a new area to see if you like it.

-Build your confidence.

-Open up new opportunities.

-Have a break away from the student bubble.

Of course it’s good for your CV & providing the opportunity to develop a whole range of skills too. There is a wealth of opportunity enabling you to have fun, expand your C.V. and gain experience through volunteering.


How to advertise your volunteering opportunity

What we can offer you:
There are various options to help inform our students about your external volunteering opportunities.

We can help you with online presence on our website, and through our social media channels, facebook and twitter. 

Social Media Content: 
Email a heading/maximum of two sentences, a photo/logo and a link (for twitter your @insertusername ) 

                                                        Web site Content:                                                                                                            Email a heading/maximum of two sentences for the first information section that students will see. Up to 250 words can be provided for the further information section.

Welcome Fayre:
The Welcome Fayre is the busiest day on campus during welcome (happens in September). It's a great time to promote your volunteering opportunities and make new students aware of what you can offer them. Over 5,000 new and current students attend throughout the day. 

We are happy for your organisation to request a stand, if you have year long opportunities for students. Please be aware that there are limited spaces.  

Please contact su@glos.ac.uk with the details or for more information