Thursdays at 6:30 - 10:30pm!

Francis Close Hall, Room HC203. Located just above the SU bar ^^


Hello and Welcome to the UOG Tabletop society page! From the casual gamer to the serious roleplayer! Our society embraces all the fun of getting together with some friends, making new ones, and maybe even getting a little competitive. We offer a wide array of board games, card games, dice games, and roleplaying games. We are happy to both learn new games and to teach players of any skill level. All our board games are free to play here at the uni. We also offer fun events such as 'Roll-vember' including a host of other events throughout the year.

For our aspiring adventurers and dungeon masters, we will be running character-building sessions for anyone interested in trying DnD regardless of previous experience! For anyone looking for a group to play with this year, come find your fellow adventurers at our society!


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