Yoga Club is up and Running!

'Never fear, Yoga is here'

At our Society we meet weekly on Thursdays at FCH to partake in Yoga, Pilates, and are looking to explore further activities and incorporate a range of fitness and mindfulness practices. This society is meant to be fun and relaxing, so wear whatever makes you feel comfortable to stretch in and make sure you are ready to sweat! Anyone is welcome :)

We have many ideas so far as for ways we can make yoga fun and interesting, allowing us to try new things while being relaxing and rewarding. 


Some new things we'd like to try this year are:

Pilates, Hot yoga,

Paddleboard yoga, Park yoga,

Pole classes, Aerial,

Pairs Yoga, Themed yoga,

Beach yoga, fundraisers

Follow our instagram page to keep updated on our events!

We hope to see you all soon!

-Bethany and Keisha !

We are up and Running!

Tue 07 Feb 2023

We are on our way...

Mon 28 Nov 2022
There are no events currently scheduled