Welcome to the University of Gloucestershire's LGBTQ+ Society! The social space for queer people and allies 

Our society aims to provide members of the LGBTQ+ community with a safe fun and informative space to communicate. Whoever you are and however you define yourself, this society welcomes you!

Our evenings range from sober social meet ups at FCH to informative sessions with guess speakers to alcohol meet ups outside the university to queer based events. No matter what you want to attend you are always welcome. 

This society is here for many reasons - having a safe space to communicate, being able to access reliable information and spread awareness both in and outside the university community. 

Last year we won the award for services to community engagement, and we are looking at going for more as we grow not only as a society but as a family

If you would like to contact us please use our instagram @uog.lgbtq  


Queer Committee 2022/23

Alek Macrae - President - He/Him

Mia Vosloo - Vice President - She/They

Leon Dale - Social Media Manager - He/Him 

If you'd like more information, whether you're a student at the university or otherwise, please contact us via our email or social media platforms.

For any further support from the University, please contact the Helpzone or visit the Equality & Diversity pages.

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