As Education and Community Officer, Ibby leads the Students' Union in matters relating to Students' education and communities at UoG and in the local area. Leading crucial campaigns and lobbying student concerns to the university and beyond. Ibby is also a director of the charity of the Students' Union, sitting on the Board of Trustees to make important decisions on matters of finance, accounts and overall running of the charity. 


Ibby had 3 parts of her manifesto when she was elected:


Closing the feedback loop by showing students how their feedback is used and recognised by both the university and Student’s Union.


Collaborating with students to deliver what you want from Your Future Plan and Career Studio, and working with them to provide this through additional events and support. I want to specifically focus on advice for students who do not have a direct career path with their degree.


Increasing networking and communicating between courses to improve collaboration, create communities, and provide diverse opportunities that students may not have access to through their course.

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