As Welfare and Diversity Officer, Bobola represents over 9000 students at the University, through the Students' Union, on all matters relating to Welfare, Mental Health, Diversity and Inclusion. Leading crucial campaigns and lobbying student concerns to the university and beyond. Bobola is also a director of the charity of the Students' Union, sitting on the Board of Trustees to make important decisions on matters of finance, accounts and overall running of the charity.


Bobola had 3 parts to his manifesto when he was elected:

Enhance Communications

To improve the social media aspect of communication to make UOG more in touch with students. As well as the office of A and O to Provide a wide range of events and nights out for a wide range of people from diverse backgrounds.

Introduce An Affordable Basic Wellbeing Plan and Good Mental Health

Ensure that students are fully supported as we see an increase in the cost of living by increasing accessibility to hardship funds and lobbying the university bring the cost of school accommodation down and split fees payment. Also improve the navigation and accessibility of welfare and diversity services and arrange more talks on various mental health topics to benefit the student body across the year.

Prohibit Unavailing Applications

Ensure that SU puts policies and practices in place to ensure that SU can be truly representative of all students.


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