Candidate for the position of Disabled Students Network Lead



Don't judge what you don't understand.

Hello! I’m Charlotte Rogers. I'm a second-year Music Business Student, and I'm running to be your Disability and Mental Health Experience Officer. I have been involved in student life at UoG, either through being a Course Rep, SU Crew, or helping out during open events. I hope to encourage more students to feel comfortable talking about mental health and disabilities. Also, to support those students who are struggling. I want to ensure that people are not left feeling isolated and lonely.

Stigma about mental health

I would like to work alongside Gemma Mainwaring to have a campaign in place throughout the year to make mental health less of a taboo subject. By doing this I hope that people will be more comfortable with speaking to the remarkable services the University provides.

Working alongside the student services

I would put out an optional response survey, where people could say how aware they are of the services on offer for those struggling with mental health issues and disabilities. I would work with the various student services, such as counselling, to promote their services and signpost them as much as possible so that people will find them more accessible. I would hope to 1) Make people more aware of the services we have on offer, and 2) Show them how easy it is to access these services if necessary.

Supporting the Students Union

I would support the SU with the development of clubs and societies and look at how they support and include students with mental health issues and disabilities in their environments. I would support the SU in making our clubs and societies and the physical environments, comfortable for all students. Then students who are dealing with these issues would feel more comfortable getting involved in student activities.