Candidate for the position of Sports Committee Member

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Liv Nelson

I want to make this season the most enjoyable and successful for all of #teamglos


I'm Liv and I'm excited to be running to be on the sports committee this year!

Here are a few things I would do if I got the role:

  • I want to make sure all sports have access to everything they need to succeed, throughout your own seasons as well as during varsity. Whether that be help with accessing any funding available or simply helping you solve any problems your club may face.
  • I want to help create a strong community feel between all teams, of all types, small and large, male and female ect.
  • I want to make sure everyone gets as much as possible out of their team, whether it be the social or active side, we all know how amazing being a part of team glos is, both mentally and physically and I want to continue this and improve students experiences as much as I can.

Here are a few reasons I think I'd be good for the role:

  • Being on cheer committee, I understand the responsibility of the role as well as how a committee should function.
  • I am a really friendly and approachable person, meaning I can easily communicate between clubs and the SU.
  • I already have good relationships with alot of teams, helping to build that sense of community.

If I get voted in, I will be available to help all the teams in anyway I can, and will do my best to support and represent all the teams at UOG to ensure this season is our most successful yet!!