Candidate for the position of Societies Network Lead

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James Holford

Increase collaboration between societies, providing more opportunities and widening participation!

I am James Holford, a third year Television Production student, and I'm running to be your Societies Experience Officer. I am the Head of Visual Content for Tone Radio and also a member of The Television Society; I aim to improve how societies operate, increasing participation. As well as enhancing the experience of societies and their members!


Increase inter-society collaboration. I aim to enable societies to work together to create events, content and ultimatly providing more opportunties for students to be involved in societies. 


Increase the number of students joining societies. Make it clearer that there are multiple aspects to one society with a variety of different roles on offer within societies and providing more taster session opportunities.


Widen participation through the increase in awareness of societies and that anyone can join any society! 


Increase the functionality of societies by listening to the issues that culminate from them.