Minutes from Committee Meeting 07.04.2022

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Mature Students Society Meeting 
Minutes from 7th April 2022 at 11am
Attendees: Cathy Dean (President), Kirsty Deary (Treasurer) & Natalie Murphy (Secretary)
Location: Microsoft Teams
1.    Welcome to the 6th mature student’s society meeting.                (CD)

2.    Addressing actions from the last meeting                        (All)

a.    Late timetabling follow-up                            (CD)
i.    The timetable will be released in early August through the ‘Open Timetables’ system, this is after it has been approved by Academic Subject Leaders. Students will therefore be able to make their module choices from mid-August, with personal timetables available after this. Now personal timetables are published via MyGlos in early September, but we are working with colleagues in IT to bring this forward by a couple of weeks. We do not make changes to the timetable once it has been published unless this is required by the course team.  This year we plan to introduce a new mechanism for course teams to request such changes, which will include an impact assessment and prompts the course team to ensure that there is appropriate communication in place with affected students.  We expect that this new process will help us make sure that late changes are only made where there is good reason to do so, and a communication plan is in place. Where it would be helpful to get input from the Mature Students Society is around ensuring the messages we send are as clear as they can be. What we can therefore do is extract our standard communications to share with you as part of our annual review process. This would cover enrolment and module choices as well as timetabling. That would probably occur in May.
b.    Newsletter file size response                        (NM)
i.    NM has spoken to Alex Burnett and has found that by converting the word document to a PDF this makes the newsletter file size a lot smaller, so this means everything can be included in the newsletter.

c.    Fundraising packs                            (NM)
i.    Fundraising packs for our chosen charity Mind UK have begun to arrive, ready for the Mature Student Society to use for their first fundraising event. 

d.    Reflection on the latest drop-in mornings                    (All)
i.    Word is getting round now about the drop-in mornings, but there is more to be done and we have realised that permanent advertising and posters around campuses are needed. We also need to see whether these drop-in mornings need to be continued over the summer term and if there is a need for them. Also discussed the successful picnics that happened during summer last year, after uni had finished for the year, and whether we should do these again. 

e.    Cake sale                                (CD)
i.    Still going ahead with this. More details to follow. Agreed that 12/05/2022 would be a good date to hold this. Need to advertise for volunteers to help with this at each campus. 

f.    Merchandise                                (KD)
i.    KD has started the process of ordering. 

g.    Monthly nights out/end of semester party/masquerade ball            (All)
i.    To be advertised in the newsletter. Agreed that newsletters could continue over the summer months too to include these events. 

h.    Virtual Reality Day for Mature Students at FCH                        (All)
i.    Still looking to go ahead with this. KD to organise. 

i.    Extra help/Social media position                        (CD)
i.    CD to touch base with people who were interested in helping. Elections for society posts are in May/June time for the next academic year. 

j.    Activities officer role                            (All)
i.    Alex Burnett is leaving. Need to know who the new SU activities manager is for the committee members to contact. 

k.    MSS Comms                                (All)
i.    Uploaded onto Teams. All committee members know deadlines now. 

3.    Agreeing actions for next meeting.                            (All)
a.    Cake sale before the end of semester. NM to ask Simon Witcombe if we can hold this outside chapel.                                     (NM)
b.    Poll with questions around drop-ins for May/June/July             (KD)
c.    Posters for drop-in mornings                         (NM)
d.    Find volunteers for cake sale (CD & NM) (NM to advertise in newsletter)    (CD & NM)
e.    Chase up pin badges ready for fundraiser/drop-in/summer events         (KD)
f.    Create end of year survey about the society                    CD)
g.    Organise VR Day for Mature Students, to be held at FCH (2ND Tuesday back)    (KD)
h.    Contact the members who have offered to help within the society        (CD)
i.    Find out who is replacing Alex Burnett as SU activities manager        (CD)

j.    Items for this month’s newsletter                         (All)
i.    Bubble tribe
ii.    Chaplaincy events
iii.    Masquerade ball
iv.    Mind UK charity bake sale
v.    VR Day at FCH
4.    Date of next meeting                                 (All)
a.    12/05/2022 @1pm FCH + cake sale

5.    Agenda for next meeting                                (NM)
a.    Think about what value were having. People find the FB group useful, but it is not necessarily to do with the society. What do they want out of us as a society – campaign on issues or organising events? 
b.    Welcome fayre, induction events – these could continue the newsletter over the summer?
c.    Quiz night as a fundraiser for mind?


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