Minutes from Committee Meeting 10.01.2022

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Mature Students Society Meeting

Minutes from: 10th January 2022

Attendees: Kirsty Deary (Treasurer), Natalie Murphy (Secretary), & Cathy Dean (President).

Apologises: Emma Green (Social Media Officer).

Location: Microsoft Teams




  1. Welcome to the 3rd mature student’s society meeting and the first for 2022!                   (CD)


  1. Addressing actions from the last meeting                                                                                (All)


  1. Answering the SU’s question regarding our legacy                                                   (CD)


  1. We want the society to be fully established and we want to build up a history, which we are already doing by publishing the minutes. We wish to be a force for good around the university, campaigning for things that MS want and need. No need to send the minutes separately to the SU or answer the question specifically, because they get to see these on the society page.


  1. Creation of monthly newsletter                                                                                 (NM)


  1. Great idea. NM has already started this. CD suggested a PDF or Mailchip version would be good. Mailchip allows you to see who has opened it. Include the legacy in newsletter too.


  1. Merchandise ideas and how much to sell them for                                                  (KD)


  1. Ideas - lanyards, pens, keyrings, trolley tokens, pencil cases, notebooks, travel mugs, and pin badges. Good advertisement for the society. The logo has now been created and should be able to be easily exported onto merchandise.


  1. Poll to be created to see which social media platform mature students use         (EG)


  1. The Instagram and Twitter pages have now been setup alongside the Facebook account. We need to see where people look for content for us, need to find out where our audience is, via a poll. Could also create polls for event ideas.
  2. Confirmation of charity committee members would like to support                                    (All)


  1. Charities that have been suggested – Gloucestershire Nightline, local children’s charity, and The Refugee Society at the University. It would be nice to support ones close to the university. Suggested asking MS members to have an input too.


  1. Agreement of regular coffee mornings and a date when these can start                              (All)


  1. Dates and times have now been suggested and will be put in the newsletter. We must try and run them across all campuses. We feel a private space would be necessary for this. Donation box for the MSS’ chosen charity has been suggested. Non-members welcome but can sign up when they’re there for £1.


  1. Depending on covid restrictions, planning of a new semester party/late Christmas party      (All)


  1. A few venues were suggested, but we would need to double check costing, availability, and location suitability etc.


  1. Notice for timetable changes before the start of semesters                                                                 (All)


  1. We suspect covid has got in the way of the notice given for timetable changes. As a society it would be useful to see what we could do to make a point about students who are parents and carers. There is no parents and carers experience officer. We need to raise awareness of the difficulties of late timetabling and other responsibilities. There is a new disabilities experience officer.


  1. Agreeing actions for next meeting.                                                                                                          (All)



  • Possibly do the formatting on the MSS newsletter, as CD has a Mailchip account.
  • Talk to Chloe who is the education officer for the SU and see if they know about anything that is going on behind the scenes, regarding the late timetabling and see if this can be campaigned.


  • Let the society know what charity she would like to support.
  • Create a poll on Facebook to see where the MSS audience is.
  • To investigate why the SU society admin page will not allow messages to be sent from the MSS Gmail account (does it have to be from a student email)?


  • Speak to EG regarding the logo on the merchandise.
  • Look into a way where members can sign up to the society at the coffee mornings, with ease.
  • Create a poll for events on Facebook, based on the ideas in the Teams channel. What would the members like to see?



  • Change the logo on Facebook.
  • Check with EG that Mailchip would be suitable for the MSS newsletter.
  • Continue to work on the first newsletter, ideally to be published in the next week.
  • Put the coffee morning dates in CD’s calendar.
  • Book spaces for the coffee mornings, making sure they are regular and reliable.
  • Minutes and agenda for next meeting.


  1. Date of next meeting                                                                                                                                 (All)


10/02/2022 @ 12:30pm via Microsoft Teams




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