Minutes from Committee Meeting 10.02.2022

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Mature Students Society Meeting

Minutes from: 10th February 2022 at 13:15pm

Attendees: Kirsty Deary (Treasurer), Natalie Murphy (Secretary) & Cathy Dean (President)

Apologies: Emma Green (Social Media Officer)

Location: Francis Close Hall Chapel




  1. Welcome to the 4th mature student’s society meeting.                                                         (CD)


  1. Addressing actions from the last meeting                                                                                (All)


  1. Late timetabling follow-up                                                                                           (CD)


  • This is continuing to be investigated.


  1. Results of social media poll                                                                                         (EG)


  • EG has setup other social media channels for the Mature Students Society. KD to put a poll up on Facebook, to see where the audience is.


  1. Results of charities to support                                                                                    (NM)


  • We have received some preferences via email and KD will put a poll up today to gain more members input of the chosen charity. The chosen charity will be announced in next months newsletter.


  1. Reflection on first Mature Students coffee morning                                                (NM & KD)


  • KD and NM visited Park Campus to hold our first coffee morning, and we managed to connect with a few people, which was lovely. The next one is at Oxstalls Campus on 22/02/2022, and more details will be going out about this soon. We have more time to advertise the next one. A discussion led on from this about an end of semester party.


  1. Merchandise                                                                                                                 (KD)


  • KD has found a supplier for some pin badges. Need to discuss expenses with the SU before ordering.



  1. Agreeing actions for next meeting.                                                                                           (All)


  1. Next month’s newsletter                                                                                             (NM)
  2. Coffee morning advertisement                                                                                  (KD)
  3. Questions for Alex Burnett via email                                                                          (NM)
  4. Late timetabling follow-up                                                                                          (CD)
  5. Agenda for next meeting                                                                                             (NM)
  6. Poll to be created to see the interest in an end of semester party                         (KD)


  1. Date of next meeting                                                                                                                  (All)


  • 10th March – location and time TBC depending on who is attending.


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