Minutes from Committee Meeting 10.03.2022

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Mature Students Society Meeting

Minutes from: 10th March 2022 1 – 2pm

Attendees: Kirsty Deary (Treasurer), Natalie Murphy (Secretary) & Cathy Dean (President)

Location: The Loft @ FCH Campus




  1. Welcome to the 5th mature student’s society meeting.                                                         (CD)


  1. Addressing actions from the last meeting                                                                                (All)


  1. Late timetabling follow-up                                                                                           (CD)
    1. Continuing to be looked into by CD


  1. Results of social media poll                                                                                         (KD)
    1. The results of the social media poll show that our audience is mainly on Facebook. It has been agreed that Instagram and Twitter still have use though, particularly when tagging the SU in our posts so our news can be shared with a wider audience.


  1. Results of charities to support                                                                                    (NM)
    1. The results of the charity poll showed that the charity the Mature Student Society members wish to support is Mind UK. This will change each academic year. We will start fundraising for this charity through our events. CD talked about holding a cake sale similar to raise money.


  1. Reflection on second Mature Students drop-in mornings                                       (NM & KD)
    1. The drop-in mornings are going well, and we feel the word is really getting around now. Oxstalls was a great success. FCH was held in a different location this week and although still successful, there were students around the meeting working. We feel that next time the drop-in would be more suitable to be held in an SU space.


  1. Results of end of semester party                                                                                (KD)
    1. The results of the end of semester party poll were a night out with drinks and/or food. We feel Cheltenham would be the best location for all.


  1. Merchandise                                                                                                                 (KD)
    1. KD has been in contact with Alex about ordering pin badges for the Mature Student Society.


  1. Answers back from Alex Burnett/SU                                                                          (NM)
    1. Alex very kindly answered our society questions regarding treasurer items and events.


  1. Mr Mulligans Societies offer
    1. Mulligans in Cheltenham would like to create partnerships with university societies, and they have very kindly reached out to us about this, which is being investigated.


  1. VR Day for Mature Students at FCH
    1. Now the covid restrictions have ended, we thought it might be a nice idea for the Mature Student Society members to get together for a VR session at FCH. More details to follow.


  1. Extra help
    1. A couple of mature student members have come forward to offer help within the society. We have some projects coming up and this is being looked into further to see how we can work together.


  1. Newsletter Issues
    1. NM is having difficulty in sending out the newsletter without deleting much of the content, due to the file size that the SU page will allow. There are also some issues around who is getting the newsletter and who isn’t. NM will keep playing around with this to try and make it work.


  1. Agreeing actions for next meeting.                                                                                           (All)



  • Email the SU regarding late timetabling.
  • Get in touch with Mature Student members who have offered to volunteer and the SU to make sure this is okay.
  • Look into cake sale.


  • Email Alex Burnett about the issues surrounding the file size of the newsletter to see if there is a way to overcome this.
  • Work on the March newsletter and send this out.
  • Contact Mind UK for a fundraising pack.
  • Agenda for next months meeting.


  • Order pin badges.
  • Submit expenses to Alex Burnett.
  • Advertise the next drop-in mornings for March after NM has created posters.


  • Look into dates for VR session.
  • Look into dates for Mature Student end of semester event.
  • Discuss monthly night outs with members.


  1. Items for this month’s newsletter                                                                                     (All)
    1. Next drop-ins to be advertised.
    2. NM to contact Simon Witcombe (FCH Chaplain) regarding file sizes for chaplaincy events before advertising in the newsletter.
    3. Results of latest social media polls.


  1. Date of next meeting                                                                                                                  (All)


  • 10th April – 1-3pm @ The Loft, FCH


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