Minutes from Committee Meeting 10.11.2021

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Mature Students Society Meeting

Minutes from: 10th November 2021

Attendees: Cathy Dean (President), Kirsty Deary (Treasurer), Emma Green (Social Media Officer), & Natalie Murphy (Secretary).

Location: Microsoft Teams


  1. Introduction to the Mature Students Society.                                                                         (CD)


  • Gratitude expressed for standing for the society with a brief explanation of what happened in the society last year. By committing we are now able to do something with the society this year.


  • Introductions:

               Cathy Dean – Mature Students Experience Officer and 2nd year Psychology student. Reason for standing – helping mature students to get the most out of their education.


               Natalie Murphy – Mature Students Secretary and 2nd year Psychology student – there to support the society and all the members of the committee.


               Kirsty Deary – Mature Students Treasurer, Psychology Course Representative, and 2nd year Psychology student – Treasurer role appealed due to past fundraising experience and running a business alongside her studies.


               Emma Green – Mature Students Social Media Officer, Television Production Course Representative, and 1st year Television Production student – happy to find that the society existed after return to studies and willing to support as keen to find people with similar interests, same age, and same mindset to socialise with.


  • Explained that the society is for those students aged 23 and over and that across the university there is a broad age range of mature students, and we must endeavour to appeal to all.


  • As members of the committee, we now have access to admin tools on the SU Mature Students Society page. CD talked us through how to access this and the facilities available.


  • Committee voted against a Mature Students website for now, focusing more on social media audience instead.


  • Mature Students Committee meetings minutes to be published for members to access. Members will have the opportunity to attend the AGM meetings.


  • Mature Students society members to be directed to the SU Mature Students page where events, news, meeting minutes and tickets will be available, and emails to members will come from there too.



  1. How we will work together as a team.                                                                                      (All)              


  • CD asked each committee member to come up with answers to the following headings:

Things you do well

Communicating with others (NM) Planning events (KD) Communication, teamwork, planning events, technical (EG) Big picture, ideas, listening and coaching (CD)

Things you will need help with

Dealing with any issues and complaints (NM) Communicating with others (KD) Financial (EG) Attention to detail and finishing stuff off (CD)

Areas where you are comfortable with

Helping others (NM) Giving advice and helping (KD) Sharing skills (EG) Writing and confidence building (CD)


  • Agreed that as a committee there needs to be ground rules that we follow



  1. What will we want our legacy to be?                                                                                         (All)              


  • Question from the SU, which was asked to all societies. Our legacy, as agreed by all members of the committee, is for the next committee to be able to take over a thriving and active society that has been able to bring about positive changes in the lived experience of mature students at the University of Gloucestershire.


  • The current committee will endeavour to speak to future committee members and coach them and show them our manifestos. We will also be proactive in our record keeping, leaving behind a detailed set of notes and processes, ready for them to take over. We will be transparent and open about what we did, will do and what has and hasn’t gone so well, constantly reflecting on our processes.
  1. New start new logo!                                                                                                                   (All)              


  • No logo at present. EG explained that she comes from a graphic design background and the committee agreed that she would probably be in the best position to design something. EG suggested having a logo which told a story, which will be apparent to new members wanting to join. The logo will be used on social media platforms, stories, letter and email headers and future merchandise. Also talked about a logos copyright. Canva an option, as KD has paid subscription.


  • Went on to talk about which social media platforms most of our members are on, which needs investigating, for us to reach our audience.                        


  1. New ideas for future events.                                                                                                      (All)


  • Small responses in relation to past events. Committee suggested having duplicate events at different campuses, so it is inclusive to all. At least one member from the Mature Students Society Committee at each event to represent. KD to lead events as well as her role as Treasurer, with the help of the committee.


  1. Fundraising for events                                                                                                                (KD)


  • CD showed us how to access the Mature Students Society finances, for when the time comes. Fundraising question to be brought up ay the next meeting when we decide on our events.


  1. Advertising events.                                                                                                                     (EG)


  • To be held until the next meeting when we know what events we have to offer.



  1. Supporting charities.                                                                                                                   (CD)


  • Members of the committee to come up with one charity they would like to suggest supporting.


  1. Agreeing actions for next meeting.                                                                                           (All)


  • CD
    • Create instructions on how to access Admin page for Mature Students Society committee members
    • Answering the SU’s question regarding our legacy
    • Check minutes before publishing to the society
  • NM
    • Minutes and Agenda for next meeting
    • Create word document listing the ground rules for committee members
    • Create word document for us to brainstorm event ideas
    • Create a WhatsApp group for continued communication amongst committee members
  • KD
    • Come up with fundraising ideas once we have our events agreed
    • Merchandise ideas and how much to sell them for
  • EG
    • Create a Mature Students Email address, to be used for social media
    • Creating/revamping mature students’ social media and communication
    • Poll to be created to see which social media platform mature students use
    • Create a new logo (EG)
  • All
    • Think of a charity committee members would like to support
    • Think of items for the agenda in preparation for the next meeting. NM would like to see them by 3rd December please


  1. Date of next meeting                                                                                                                  (All)


  • 10th December 2021 at 12:30pm via Microsoft Teams



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