Minutes from Committee Meeting 11.07.2022

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Mature Students Society Meeting

Agenda: 11th July 2022 @ 11:30am

Attendees: Cathy Dean (President), Natalie Murphy (Secretary) & Kirsty Deary (Treasurer)

Location: Francis Close Hall


  1. Welcome to the 9th mature student’s society meeting.                                                         (CD)


  1. Addressing actions from the last meeting                                                                                (All)


  1. Welcome fayre/induction events                                                                               (CD)
    1. Welcome fayre w/c 12th September.  Ideas are Rapunzel production and afternoon tea. NM to check resource booker for afternoon tea and look at dates for these events. NM to also investigate picnic places in Gloucester after we had unfortunately had to postpone the last one.
  2. Messages regarding timetabling                                                                                (CD)
    1. CD is continuing to update the slides and they will be sent out this week at the earliest.
  3. AGM                                                                                                                              (CD)
    1. NM to create presentation. KD to check auditing. 12:30pm Monday 18th meeting before AGM in the evening.


  1. Items for this month’s newsletter                                                                              (NM)
    1. Time for people to renew their memberships, won’t be able to attend the AGM otherwise. Need to get admin rights and committee membership back – CD to email.
    2. Events.
    3. Advert for new committee.
    4. Newsletter on FB page. This is what normally gets sent to members.


  1. Check memberships
    1. Need to get admin rights and committee membership back – CD to email.


  1. Agreeing actions for next meeting.                                                                                           (All)
    1. AGM preparation (see above)                                                                                     (All)
    2. Check resource booker for afternoon tea for welcome week                                  (NM)
    3. Book dates for welcome week for afternoon tea and Rapunzel production          (NM & CD)
    4. Look into picnic places in Gloucester                                                                         (NM)
    5. Timetabling presentation                                                                                            (CD)
    6. Newsletter                                                                                                                    (NM)
    7. Administration rights and committee membership                                                 (CD)                                      
  2. Date of next meeting                                                                                                                  (All)
    1. 18th July @ 12:30pm


  1. Minutes and agenda for next meeting                                                                                      (NM)


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