Minutes from Committee Meeting 13.06.2022

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Mature Students Society Meeting

Minutes from 13.06.2022

Attendees: Cathy Dean (President), & Natalie Murphy (Secretary)

Apologises: Kirsty Deary (Treasurer)

Location: Microsoft Teams



  1. Welcome to the 8th mature student’s society meeting.                                                         (CD)


  1. Addressing actions from the last meeting                                                                                (All)


  1. Poll with questions around drop-ins for summer                                                     (CD)
    1. The people that have voted have commented that it would be nice to meet up over the summer and that they weren’t bothered where or how, although the majority voted for Oxstalls campus with family friendly events. The society do not need to gain permission for off campus events such as picnics in parks. Our thoughts are Barnwood and Pittville Park to cater for Gloucester and Cheltenham students. Looking at 6th July for a picnic in Barnwood park and 17th August for Pittville Park so we have one each month. Night out at Vodka Revolution on the 5th of August also discussed. All will be confirmed and advertised in this month’s newsletter.


  1. Committee/volunteers 2022/2023 & elections                                                        (All)
    1. CD has looked over the constitution and a description of posts the society are seeking to fill will be sent out to members via email.


  1. Activities officer role                                                                                                    (CD)
    1. SU are currently interviewing for this position but at present, there is no one in this role.


  1. Welcome fayre/induction events                                                                               (CD)
    1. This is to be announced from the university, but it is normally the 2nd or 3rd week of September. CD has spoken to the SU about specific welcome packs for mature students.


  1. Messages regarding timetabling                                                                                (CD)
    1. CD continuing to investigate this, but more details will be available to mature students very soon.


  1. Logo competition                                                                                                         (All)
    1. We had an idea to allow members to create a new logo via a competition. However, this could now be something for next year’s committee to discuss at the start of the next academic year.
  2. AGM                                                                                                                              (CD)
    1. 18th July 18:00. More details coming soon.


  1. Agreeing actions for next meeting.                                                                                                          (All)
    1. Advertise summer events                                                                                                          (All)
    2. Find out where mature students are across campuses, ready for the new semester.               (CD)
    3. Items for this month’s newsletter:                                                                                            (NM)
      1. What we have achieved this academic year as a society
        1. Gnomie award photos
        2. Mind charity event photos and total raised
        3. Drop-in reflection
        4. Simple guide to timetabling details
        5. Working in partnership with postgraduate mature students
        6. Growing the membership up to over 70 members
      2. Summer events
      3. End of year night out
      4. AGM details
      5. Committee end of year statements
    4. Agenda for next month’s meeting                                                                                            (NM)


  1. Date of next meeting                                                                                                                                 (All)
    1. 11/07/2022 11:30am Francis Close Hall (main purpose to discuss items for the agenda for the upcoming AGM).


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