Changes in the Refectory

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*Trigger Warning*

Following on from yesterday’s government changes, which has made it compulsory for businesses to display their calories, we understand it may be triggering for some people to use the university refectory spaces on campus.

We are currently in conversations with the university to review the narrative and ensure the communication to students is clear on why these changes have been bought into place.

We understand this change will benefit some people, such as those looking to make more informed choices about their food, or those with diabetes. However, we understand it may be detrimental to other students, such as those with eating disorders or low mood.

Whilst displaying the calorie count is now mandatory, we know there can be ways to adjust the perception towards the situation. For example, in restaurants you can still ask for a version of the menu with no calories displayed, if you find the new menus triggering.

It is also important to remember that calories are not everything when it comes to the food we consume- the nutritional value and making the best decisions for you and your health are more important to creating a healthy lifestyle.

If you want to talk about this further, leave any feedback, or find out more, you can contact our Welfare and Diversity Officer, Asha Sutton.

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