Elections Results 2021

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Elections 2021

Thank you all for planting your vote in this year’s election! It’s been a tough year for so many people at UoG but we are so happy to have seen so many students voting on campus and we can’t watch to watch your new elected grow with UoGSU!

To view a breakdown of results, please click the links below:

1) Welfare and Diversity 

2) Education and Community

3) Activities and Opportunities 

Now, drum roll please, we are SO excited to announce our Full Time Officers for 2021/22…….

First up, our new Education and Community Officer is…. Aimee Jones!

Aimee is a Sport & Exercise student and is a current subject representative for applied sport and exercise sciences. Aimee hopes to achieve the following in her time as an officer:

Improve University Communication

Working with reps, Aimee hopes to wish to strengthen existing feedback loops. Effective communication is key to improving your student experience. She will support course reps in delivering reports to staff and students that acknowledge progress. Aimee will campaign for greater involvement of first year reps, as from experience this can be a daunting role.

Value for money, maximising your employability.

Value for money has been of great concern during Covid-19, but she is campaigning for value as we move out of these unprecedented times. This is of ongoing interest within the SU, but Aimee would like to speak with individual communities as each degree has different needs. She currently works with staff to better your employability which is something Aimee will to continue to do in office.

Pledge 3: Awareness of academic advice and support.

Aimee will work to highlight the academic advice and support available to students. Equality is paramount; whether that be achieved through standardised marking or via additional academic support, everyone should have an equal opportunity to achieve their personal best. Blended learning has been a challenge, but she is keen to support students with their engagement.

Aimee is standing to improve the educational component of your student experience, but she is also hoping to support other elected officers in areas such as participation and mental health, as we move forward to better times.


Secondly, you have elected back a current FTO; Asha Sutton as our new Welfare and Diversity Officer!

Asha is currently sitting as our Welfare Officer in UoGSU and will move into this new role in July. Asha hopes to:


  • She has noticed that the pandemic has revealed certain cracks within the university - communication. This needs to be both more frequent and clearer to ensure transparency.
  • A way of partly achieving this is to implement fortnightly Q&A’s for students, with members of staff from different sectors of the university. This will enable students to voice their concerns, ask questions and feel like they are being heard.


  • All students have been negatively impacted by the pandemic. Asha will strive to work with various sport and society teams to help facilitate joint events/socials. However, she is aware that not all students participate in a sports team or society. It is about creating opportunities such as cross-campus events, so that all students can engage in the wider student life.
  • Students will now rightly be itching to have a normal experience of student life. Asha hopes to do her best to help the transition from a virtual to physical student life run as smoothly as possible.


  • A thriving student community is about embracing and celebrating diversity. Asha aspires to promote and raise awareness of this diversity, such as running events for important social and cultural events such as Black History month and LGBTQ+ History Month.
  • She would love to run focus groups for all those that face marginalization. Asha really hopes to embrace the diversity of UOG’s community, by bringing students together.


  • Through speaking to students, it is clear that issues of visibility and accessibility to services online are prevalent. Asha wants to improve the visibility, such as on My Glos and social media to reaffirm timescales like for counselling waiting times. She aims to work with student services to ensure students can access this support.


And finally, we are pleased to welcome our new Activities and Opportunities Officer… Charlotte McFarland!

Charlotte is and Sport & Exercise student based on Oxstalls campus. As CC of Women’s Rugby she is a big member of #TEAMGLOS. Charlotte’s key focuses for next year are:

Bounce Back – to ensure all sports, societies and groups at this university have the right guidance to return after COVID-19. To offer the support for the growth to reach the potential all individuals have. Not only this but bounce back mentally, it's been a tough year for everyone, and Charlotte will continue to fight for the development of wellbeing support across the university but also to propose the idea of employing a sports psychologist who can work with the variant of sporting mindsets.

Money Matters - Her aim is to secure a sponsorship for the SU which can be invested into clubs who don't perhaps receive the financial support they require, to allow them to grow and further better themselves. Likewise, Charlotte wants to be on hand, to provide support to all clubs, societies, and groups to meet their aims and push them in the right direction in terms of generating money.

University Community - Monthly meetings with all committee members, to set targets, keep people engaged, and generate new members. Charlotte would like to promote a sport-society cohesion, it would be nice to connect with new people and help each other grow as the University of Gloucestershire. Looking in from potential prospective students when university events arise, being connected as a university in all areas is something she would like to work closely with all SU officers to achieve.


Next year is going to be an incredible year for the officers with coming back to campus and launching lots of exciting projects! From events to feedback, from inclusivity to academic feedback, we can’t wait to get our new officers in and to watch UoGSU grow!



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