General Meeting

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Please view the Agenda for the meeting HERE

We are calling a General Meeting in order to vote on the following matters:

  • Changes to how your Students' Union works - check out what is changing and The Bye-Laws HERE
  • You can see the current Bye-Laws HERE and the proposed new Bye-Laws HERE
  • Women+ Safety and Sexual Harassment

SIGN UP here

The table below details some of the proposals to how your Students' Union works so please familarise yourself with the below so you know how you are going to vote!

Proposed New Structure 





As well as the above matters, you can submit motions which allows you to bring matters forward for vote which helps direct the Students' Union work. 

How do I submit a motion?

Members of the Students' Union can submit motions to be discussed and passed during AGM.

A motion is just a fancy word for proposal.

How do I sign up?

You need to SIGN UP and submit a motions using our Microsoft Forms found HERE. 

How do I join?

We will be hosting the General Meeting via MS Teams so grab a cuppa tea and join via the link below: 


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