Nightlife during The Races

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Our Women+ Network Lead, Holly and our Welfare and Diversity Officer, Asha spoke to BBC Politics West about the nightlife in Cheltenham during Race Week.

A survey taken by the Cheltenham Borough Council regarding how safe people felt during Race Week and 75% of the 638 people who participated in the survey (95% of which were women) stated they didn’t feel safe in Cheltenham Town Centre during Race Week and if they did go out, they wanted extra measures to be put in place for increase the safety. They also discussed venues in Cheltenham having adult entertainment throughout Race Week. You can watch the full interview here: 


As part of our #NeverOK campaign, we reshared our tips for safe drinking practices and advise on what to do if you’re out drinking and something happens to you or you witness something happening to someone else. You can find out more about our #NeverOK campaign here:


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