You might be asking yourself, what the hell is FARID?

The word FARID is the English abbreviation of the word Unique in Arabic.

FARID is curated purely by young creatives with a new & fresh take on Lifestyle & Culture journalism.

The zine is a compilation of precarious ideas that set out to challenge common thought on contemporary topics. Showcasing work produced by the young creative minds of our generation – with contributors from all over the U.K – FARID will be your vessel on the latest in today’s youth culture.

Engaging readers through a variety of platforms – think original video content, exclusive photography, reviews, opinion pieces and an all over enjoyable experience – covers pop culture as it happens. It’s an essential go-to destination for the culturally aware.

This zine is a product of curiosity – we are students, we are broke, we are bored and we want to do something new. So… why not channel that into something beautiful, where we can all share our thoughts.

FARID’s design is inspired by new trends picked by the world’s leading trend forecasters. Every page has a distinctive style and its own aura – because why play with one colouring crayon, when you can play with all the crayons in the box.



Magazine Editor: Natalie Cooper

Web Editor: Isaac Lewis

Social Media Editor: Ashleigh Poole

Designer: Olivia Withers


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