Hello and welcome to the Green Team's page!

We care very deeply about our environment and making it our mission to do something about climate change!  We appreciate we can't change the world, but we can have an impact on our local world and so we are in cahoots with the university to promote sustainable living both within the campuses as well as our lives. Come join us! Get involved as little or as much as you like. 

It's your choice whether or not to attend any activities! 

If you want to sign up for the society, send us an email, or head over to our Instagram and click the link to find the sign-up form! . 

Green Team Activities

Guest Speakers: 

As we believe change can be made by speaking up, we will be reaching out to activists, filmmakers, wildlife conservationists etc., who will be sharing personal experiences, stories, and information through talks that will most likely be held through Zoom. 


We will be taking part in litter picking, around campus, Pitville park etc. 

Blog posts:

We are always looking for ways for people to share any stories or information they want with us. So, we decided to make a blog just for these posts. Anyone can get involved, you do not need to be a part of the society to get involved. Just send us an email or message over on Instagram to know more.


Socials will be held in person, or over Zoom depending on turn-out. These can vary to coffee mornings where we can choose a discussion point or drinking socials.

And many more :)

Keeping In Touch

                Email: greenteamuog@outlook.com

                Instagram:   uoggreenteam

                Twitter:        @UoG_GreenTeam


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