We are a Christian society open to all students from all backgrounds. Our weekly fellowship meeting every Tuesday provides a chance to learn more about Jesus, meet new people and take part in a variety of activities! We believe everyone should have the opportunity to meet Jesus, so we engage students of all faiths as well as those without a faith.

BLW doesn't only exist in Gloucestershire, it’s a vast network of student societies throughout Universities in the United Kingdom. Each year we collectively hold our flagship events titled, ‘Day of Worship’; ‘Training, Inspiration & Empowerment’ Conference; ‘I am Sound’ (targeted at mental health awareness), and many more. During these events we have the chance to meet up with students from across the UK. This is a great way to make friends and build lasting relationships.

Aside from these events we also hold a range of exciting events including our annual ‘University Challenge’, Pizza Nights and Special Valentines stall where we take Polaroids for students, hand out 'love letters from Jesus', free gifts and just share some love to the students on our campus.

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