We are the Photography Society.


What we do:

We are a new society focused on photography. Our goal is to provide a platform for people to get started on their photography journey in a constructive environment with experienced mentors to guide your development and teach you the skills you need to succeed.

We plan to offer a wide range of activities to participate in, from technical workshops teaching you how to use photoshop and lightroom, to camera demonstrations, to photo walks. From experienced shooters to complete beginners, we hope to provide a fun environment to learn, develop, and share your photography.

In the longer term we hope to provide gallery opportunities to interested members, regardless of skill, and set up a network of contacts that our more advanced members can use to get work.

What do I need?:

You don’t need anything to sign up. Having your own camera is useful but a phone will suffice, and we are actively working with the university to secure a supply of cameras available for your use. Additionally, a laptop, tablet, or phone for photoshop and lightroom is helpful but University Computers will be made available as well.


Want to get in contact? Feel free to send an email or message to any member of the Committee, or a DM to our Instagram page @uogphotographysociety


Who we are:

President: Alexander Eveleigh

Vice President: Jess Medway

Welfare Officer: Ben Brain


Social Media:

Instagram @uogphotographysociety

DIscord: https://discord.gg/4k4A2EWCsa


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