Hello and welcome to the UoG Drama Society!

Our Society: 

As a society we are all about bringing out the best in people, embracing our differences to create the best atmosphere possible. We strive to make the whole experience unique and full of fun, with games, story times and of course socials(and we suppose we also try to put on some shows). We aim to develop our skills in all areas with opportunities such as enacting scenes, monologues or dialogues, vocal and body warm-ups, improvisations, mime and even script-writing. We understand that everything is not for everyone, so we will work as a society to accommodate all tastes whether you wish to be on or behind the stage or even to just leartn and socialise.


We aim to put on at least one performances per year at christmas (with a smaller show/event in the summer). These are decided on as a group and are great fun. This is also a great opportunity to show our development throughout the year and work towards a shared goal! But also don't worry if acting in front of an audience isn't your thing! There are plenty of opportunities for directors, costume designers and set designers if that's more your interest. Below is a picture of our 2022 Christmas production  of "Puss and Boots "


Our society is open to all, regardless of ability. We strive to be as inclusive as possible and the majority of us are not professionals in drama, so we take this opportunity to learn together and have fun while we do it! Things will probably go wrong, but that's okay as long as we're enjoying the journey and laughing all the way through.

Sessions are based at FCH campus, usually at 7 pm on Mondays. 

Come along and see what we are all about! We can't wait to meet you all. 

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Contact us:

If you have any questions big or small, send us a message and we will do our best to help! 

  • Instagram: dramasocietyglos
  • Facebook: UOG Drama society
  • Email: uogdrama@gmail.com


The Committee:

President (Maisie), Vice-President (John), Social (Jasmine)


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