2022 Election Results

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Thank you to our 1,185 voters who had their say in this year's Full Time Officer elections! Over 3,200 votes went in to deciding who would be your new leaders! We are delighted to announce our next FTOs who will be joining the SU in July. Read more about their priorities for next year below:

Building a bridge – getting sports & societies to work collaboratively through comms and events to get the most out of the student experience

Freeing up your finances- I understand sports/ society member ship can take a toll on your wallet and will explore payment options and sponsorship support

A sense of belonging- supporting student to feel a sense of belonging by encouraging more students to join sports & societies

1. A Warm Welcome for ALL- standing for inclusion and equality of educational experience through improving UoG’s efforts to decolonise the curriculum and develop integration strategies for international students.

2. Volunteering that kicks down doors! Helping students benefit from volunteering opportunities that kick down doors to chosen careers through a thriving volunteer hub to help employability and combat loneliness.

3. Expert Academic Support for ALL Students- Reinstate excellent, expert academic support for when we hit the bumps!


I will be the conduit between students and staff and ensure an efficient welfare and diversity network. I will guarantee that issues are presented clearly and received by the appropriate parties to ensure all matters are addressed and provided with feedback.


I feel the training of staff and students alike is vital in providing an inclusive working environment in which individuals feel valued. Advocacy of all marginalized groups throughout the university is essential for spearheading appreciation and acceptance.

Mental health support

A strong support system underpins an effective and integrated community. I want students to be able to express their concerns as comfortably as possible.


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