We have submitted our Access and Participation - Student Submission

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Access and Participation Plan

The Student Submission

What is an Access and participation plan?

The Access and Participation plans set out how University of Gloucestershire will commit to improve equality of opportunity for underrepresented groups to access, succeed in and progress from higher education.

They include:

  • The provider’s ambition for change

  • What it plans to do to achieve that change

  • The targets it has set

  • The investment it will make to deliver the plan

The OfS monitors access and participation plans to make sure ]that the providers honour the commitments they make to students in these plans and take action if they do not. (Office For Students, 20 April 2020)

The Student Submission

The student submission is an independent and optional submission which enables students to reflect and comment on the progress made by their provider in delivering their 2019-20 access and participation plan.

We employed a student-staff member to carry out the research which included a survey and a series of focus groups with the following groups, Mature, Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic + and Disabled.

For the purpose of our data and research, we have adopted BAME+ in reference to the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic community, although we recognise there are limitations to this term and a live debate about the suitability of the BAME+ acronym.

Recommendations to the University include:

Student Consolation

  • Ensure a thorough consultation process is carried out in partnership with the SU with representatives present from each underrepresented group when revising APPs. This should be held in a way which enables all parties to fully engage in the process


  • Actively inform BAME+ students of local places of worship, festivals, markets and other relevant services in Gloucestershire as part of their welcome and induction to UoG

  • Create spaces and systems which enable UoG to hear views of underrepresented groups at UoG

  • Invest in an effective and proactive campaign to highlight the BAME Reciprocal Mentoring Programme


  • Develop further understanding for academics on how to best interpret student disability

  • Develop further understanding for academics on how to best interpret student disability

  • Ensure there is a clear system in place to provide fair marking of assignments,

  • To actively explore the development of an independent advice and advocacy offer within the SU for students in line with similar models in the sector

  • Develop a better understanding of the experience of care leavers who may require more support

Online Learning

  • Put in place policies and systems to record all face to face lectures for those who are not able to attend which do not place the burden of undertaking this recording on the individual

  • To carry out a full and meaningful equality impact assessment into the provision of blended teaching approaches taken forward in future

The entire submission can be found here



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