World Cup 2022 in the SU

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As Full Time Officers we have come to an informed decision, based on our own research and attendance at the University public debate "Should we be watching the Qatar FIFA World Cup?", that the SU will not be showing or facilitating the watching of The World Cup which is taking place in Qatar in any SU spaces.


We understand that our members may still want to watch the games but we would encourage them to find alternative locations and make their own educated decision about watching The World Cup or not.


In reaching this decision the Full Time Officers have considered a number of factors which we believe are important. Key to this is the wish to prompt others to consider the impact of the tournament being delivered in Qatar and spark conversations about the wider message hosting a tournament here sends. In particular we are mindful of conversations about:

  • Abuse of human rights, particularly those of LGBTQ+ and migrant communities
  • Abuse of workers’ rights and the conditions imposed on those delivering much of the construction work
  • The prioritisation of economic gain (for us and others) over social justice
  • The role sport plays in shaping what is and isn’t considered acceptable internationally 


Ultimately, we believe that our members should make their own choice as to whether they want to watch The World Cup or not this winter. We hope that this statement starts conversations and that those reading it take time to read further materials suggested below.

Human Rights Watch guide to Qatar as a nation:

The Amnesty International guide to Qatar as a nation: 


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