Did you know the SU is a non-profit charity?

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As a student at University of Gloucestershire, you may have heard of your Students’ Union (SU). But do you know what your SU really does, and why it's a non-profit charity? Let's take a closer look.
The SU is an organisation run by and for students. It serves as a central hub for student life on campus, providing a range of services, resources, and activities to enhance your university experience. These can include social events, sports activities, and advocacy on behalf of student interests.
But here's the important part: the SU is a non-profit charity. This means that any money generated from student activities, such as selling tickets to events, selling clothes in our shops, or drinks at our bars, is reinvested back into the SU and the university community.
Unlike for-profit businesses, which seek to generate profits for their owners or shareholders, our primary goal is to serve the needs and interests of the students of UOG. This is why all of the money generated from student activities is reinvested back into the university community. 
So, how does the SU use the money generated from student activities? The answer is simple: to provide more opportunities and resources for students. For example, we might use the funds to organise more social and sporting events for you all, invest in the spaces you as students hang out in, i.e., the SU spaces, or even offer a helping hand by providing free resources on campus, for example, the Community Cupboards or our toast on-campus initiative that we launched this year. 
This means that every time you buy a ticket to an SU event, or purchase something from our shops or bar, you're not just getting something for yourself - you're also contributing to the greater good of the university community as a whole. By supporting the SU, you're helping to create a more vibrant, supportive, and enriching environment for all students.
In summary, your SU is a non-profit charity, and we exist solely to serve the needs and interests of you, the students of UOG.


Md Aminul Islam
1:02pm on 26 Apr 23 Thanks for writing the article.
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