Welcome to Swimming and Waterpolo 2019/20!

As a club, we pride ourselves on catering to those of all ability levels in the two sports we offer. You may only be interested in just one, which is fine, as our core ethos is all about feeling part of the team, being part of the #TeamGlos family, and making (hopefully) lifelong friends.  

In the previous 18/19 academic year, our swimmers competed in both BUCS Short and Long Course Swimming meets in Sheffield, with our waterpolo players also competing in the BUCS Waterpolo league. Our women's waterpolo team finished top of their league (Western 1A) by winning all of their matches, and then took part in the playoffs to move up to the Premier Southern league. We unfortunately did not have a men's waterpolo team last year, but we are hopeful that that will change this year as our men's team have also been successful in the past. We were also triumphant again in our 3rd ever Swimming Varsity against Worcester, helping Gloucestershire reclaim the title along the way.

We head into this new year with a lot of enthusiasm and ambition, and would love for you to be a part of what we want to achieve.

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Swimming & Water Polo Elections 2020-21 No elections are currently running

Swimming & Water Polo


  • Swimming & Water COMPETE Membership£25.00
  • Swimming & Water Polo RECREATION Membership£25.00


  • Swimming - Varsity Player Contribution£5.00