Imaani Mitchell, 2020/21 Students' Union Education Officer

Eleanor Hill (she/her)

Education and Community Officer

As Education and Community Officer, Ellie leads the Students' Union in matters relating to Students' education and communities at UoG and in the local area. Leading crucial campaigns and lobbying student concerns to the university and beyond. Ellie is also a director of the charity of the Students' Union, sitting on the Board of Trustees to make important decisions on matters of finance, accounts and overall running of the charity. 

Manifesto Points

A Warm Welcome for ALL

  • Every student deserves to feel at home at UoG. I stand for inclusion, welcome and equity in all elements of educational experience.
  • Host fortnightly ‘Tea with Me’ to improve educational community.
  • Promote and improve UoG’s efforts to decolonise the curriculum.
  • Develop friendly and sustainable integration strategies for international students.

Volunteering that kicks down doors!

  • I want every student to benefit from volunteering opportunities that don’t just open doors to your chosen career, they kick them down and help you make an entrance!
  • Set up a thriving Volunteer Hub.
  • Initiate a “Not Alone” Campaign to boost the role of volunteering as a way to combat student isolation and loneliness.
  • Take the lead from students and academics to find meaningful experiences for all student groups, including under-represented communities.

Expert Academic Support for ALL Students

Every academic journey has its twists and turns, but I want to reinstate excellent, expert academic support for when we hit the bumps!

  • Build on current efforts to reinstate an Academic Advice Team
  • Hold focus-groups with networks of students to influence best practice and relevant support they want to see in this service.
  • Improve transparency of academic guidelines to ensure all students can achieve their best.

What Hope Is Working On

Monthly Updates


I have just started this role... check back in soon for updates on what I've been working on.